Sunday, 27 June 2010

World Cup at least there still is JAPAN!!!!

I didn't think i would actually enjoy the football World Cup as much as i have been! I can safely say that i am usually not that interested in football, dont get me wrong i can watch a match but there is something about the world cup, involving every country that makes u patriotic and therefore a crazy football fan haha! 
Again i have the choice of three teams to support being half Japanese half Italian born in England. Having only written this post after the Italians made a mess of their chances and just after watching that oh so BAAAAD match England just lost i can only hope and pray for Japan! They wont win but they've done better than Italy (former world cup winners 2006) so far so support them woo!! 

Clothes Show London 2010

Whhhaaaaat can i say about the clothes show! The fashion show itself was just amazing, so much energy. A mix of dancers and proffessional models came on stage, the event hosted by George and Larry Lamb (Archie from Eastenders and that guy who dies his hair grey on T4 all the time ) and a whole 45mins filled with a trip of fashion, dancing from around the world starting with Japan and a kill Bill styled entrance followed through London, Paris, a hilarious Rome filled with topless men and Italian swearing hand gestures (Dove faaai??). Such exciting energy and great choreography!

Ok so here are SOME pictures (i tried to take a picture of every outfit but my camera was being a bellend!) If you are a friend of mine on facebook you can see the rest of them! Enjoy!

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Ink me up!

Looking through Fashion blogs i stumbled across these gorgeous illustrations by graphic artist Naja Conrad-Hansen. She creates colourful stencil like images with use of many media, inks, pencil, pen, print and computer. I love these sorts of illustrations because i would love my style of drawing to be this creative, but every time i try i always just end up doing more of a realistic sketch! Ah well i suppose thats my style so ill stick to it! i shall post a few examples in a bit but in the mean time enjoy !

All images from

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Brighton Fashion Week 2010 - TRASHION- Jez Eaton

One of the shows i visited at Brighton Fashion Week was the Trashion Show by Jez Eaton.
A quick paced show filled with unusual designs made from household objects such as a collection made from Lidl bags, dresses made from Tampons and power suits created from Kettles crisp packets.

This show was amazing, full of inspiring and original ideas, beautifully crafted clothes and choreographed dancing and walks from the models.

Beautiful Bottoms!

Now the summer has arrived (kind of!) jeans can get too hot and shorts can be too cold so i am on the hunt for some summer-savvy bottoms! I am in LOVE with these Zara Tapered trousers which i cant find on the website anymore but luckily found them on ebay- but for an extortionate price!

Harem pants are sometimes hard to find things to wear with but i found an example of pattern clash with a pair of Whistles' trousers that i just love!

Tailoring has been popular the last past seasons and in A/W 2010 is set to be very big with designers such as Dolce and Gabanna, Dries Van Noten and hermes producing dark, structured and mannish suits.

But for now another piece from Zara (joint number one favourite high street shop next to H&M!) a pair of high waisted tapered trousers in a safari green, perfect for summer!

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Fishtail Braids and how much we love them!

Ever since last summer when fishtails were splashed all over the catwalk i have wondered how to do them!
So today i was watching Frock Me and saw a segment on how to do one and they looked simple enough, so i hopped onto youtube and found this video.

Here is my first attempt and i have to say, im extremely proud of it, why not give it a go, they really are beautiful!