Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Friday, 6 January 2012

Gorgeous Booties

I was checking my Twitter when i stumbled across this amazing website called Miista. They make beautiful chunky heels, boots and shoes but the thing that caught my attention was the relationship with Twitter it had. How it works: you tweet the shoe you want to buy and this instantly makes the shoes cheaper for you and others who buy it after you. How amazing?!

Here are a few beauts:

Topshop Allegra Chelsea Boots
Ah i am so in love with these boots too, i think ill wait until my student loan comes in and buy myself a pair as i have been lusting after them since they came out!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Designs over xmas

This was my attempt at an aztec accent finger and spotty
french tips.
I'm waiting for my nail pens to arrive so this was tried using a 3D nail pen. I don't really like these as you don't have much control over it, bring on the nail pens!

 Half Moon Triangles
I really love half moon designs, if like me you can grow your nails but they aren't that long or perfect, this design elongates your nails. Gold and black is always a winning combination especially at xmas! These half moons were painted freehand and take a few goes but are quite simple. I made the triangles by using masking tape to create a stencil. You have to peel off the stencil quickly otherwise it smudges!
 NYE Nails
This was my chosen design for NYE. I was wearing a black jumpsuit with emerald green strappy shoes and wanted to add a bit of sparkle to my outfit. This was my first freehand attempt at half moons and i was rather impressed with myself! I also used gold stick on foils with a chevron cut into it for my accent nail.