Wednesday, 28 December 2011

More Designs

Rainbow Crackle
So went to pick up my Barry M black crackle paint and realised it was drying up! Tip; pour a little nail varnish remover in the bottle and shake and this will work for any nail varnish! 
Christmas Clouds
This design was retried from blogger Nailside she does amazing manis and always has pristine nails!
 I tested the new nail varnish i bought from New Look, metallic turquoise and i was really impressed with it! Over the top i used a cuticle stick to create snowflakes.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

The Nailasaurus: Movember Nail Art

Blog Surfing and stumbled across this amazing set of nail designs!

Nail project

For my final major project I have decided to create a paper style guide zine with tutorials on nail art styling and make up.

So I have been practicing a few nail designs in preparation for it!

 Candy Clouds
This mani is taken from I love the cloud design and tried it on myself with candy colours
This was in prep for xmas and i had just watched Happy Feet!
Cats and Leopards
My friend asked me to do her nails and shes obsessed with giraffes and her cat Jessie. So this mani was dedicated to Jessie and Seymour ( the toy giraffe(see-more, get it??))

Aztec Inspired
I have just got a 3D nail art pen from ebay and wanted to test it out, it was quite hard to use and messy so i have decided to buy a set of nail pens once i get some more dolla. 
For the thumb i cut out this aztec/navajo shape into a black nail sticker and it turned out amazingly! Unfortunately with all nail stickers they peel off rather quickly so i may have to find an alternate idea.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Aztec Glitter and Spotty Nails

I used Topshop yellow/gold and nail stickers cut into V moons
Polka Dots
Barry M dusty blue and white nail base and used a dark blue and baby blue Barry M for dots and Topshop gold metallic!