Thursday, 27 September 2012

Bargain.... what!

I have recently decided my blog needs an overhaul. I  admit I'm not the best most reliable blogger and mostly blog about things I've made, so I thought I would combine my love for a bargain, customization and hunting for fashionable items.
But what to call my blog! I have a few starter ideas....

Bargain Belle (Too girlie I think! )

Bargain Bucket

Bargain Nugget

Penny for your Style

Style for a Penny

I'm not sure yet, but something will come to me!
In the mean time, on my VERY tight budget I will somehow get through the year only buying key pieces and lots of charity shop hunting, eBaying and car boot rustling.

Here are a few pieces I have my eye on :

Leather Skater Skirt and/or Shorts

Leather is a big trend this winter and I recently purchased a brand new leather jacket from Topshop (after all it IS a staple and a classic I feel- so worth the money! ). Another gorgeous item is the skater skirt. SO flattering of any shape and creates a great silhouette and feminine shape!
This one from eBay is a cute shape and also has a studded waist band which adds to the gothic look. Normally I don't really like buying items from eBay that are a wholesalers or abroad because the materials are normally cheap and don't last long, but maybe I should give it a shot?

Neon & Chunky Necklaces

Slightly in love with neon green at the moment and this chunky necklace would be a gorgeous piece to add to a knitted jumper or plain buttoned up shirt to add that shot of colour. Bargain price too - booyah!

I'm always on the hunt and seem to have a gravitational pull to statement necklaces at bargain prices.
I am currently looking for a necklace that goes all the way around the neckline that would be perfect to decorate underneath a shirt collar or a neckline. This one is quite on trend, silver and I can imagine it going under a shirt quite well!

Update on life!

It has been a long while since I last blogged and many things have happened !

1. I have finished my BA course in Fashion Styling with a 2:1 and am graduating in November (yay!)

2. I have been away on three holidays in the summer, which has well and truly broken my bank account and stopped me from making any money what so ever!



3. I am now starting a MA course in Fashion Promotion and Imaging!
I have always wanted to do this course, before I started my BA, but now I can revert back to what I love doing and use all the skills I've learnt along the way too. 

It was quite a shock being thrown back into education after having the job mind set, but as I felt like there wasn't a job out there that I could go straight into and enjoy I was craving more knowledge. Its not going to be an easy ride but I shall give it my best!